roseville meat storageWhen not refrigerated, meat can easily spoil and, when this spoiled meat is eaten, it can bring diseases to those who consume it. This is where Roseville, California freezer storage can come in handy. If you want to preserve your meats but don’t have enough space for them in your own fridge, Roseville, California freezer storage may be the answer to your problems.

Through Roseville, California freezer storage, you can safely store your food without worrying too much about rapid bacterial growth. If stored properly, Roseville, California freezer storage can extend the shelf life of your meat and protect it from decay.

What Is Roseville, California Freezer Storage?

Decades ago, when refrigeration in the home was an uncommon luxury, butcher shops would offer Roseville, California freezer storage rental. The lockers provided by these businesses can be used to store large amounts of meat. Through Roseville, California freezer storage rental, your food won’t have to take up all the space in your refrigerator. Just keep them in a locker and bring them out when you’re ready to cook.

If you’re looking for Roseville, California freezer storage solutions, reach out to Roseville Meat Company. We offer plenty of lockers for rent. Our Roseville, California freezer storage units come in three different sizes: 200 lbs, 700 lbs, and 1,000 lbs.

What Are the Benefits of Roseville, California Freezer Storage?

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Roseville, California freezer storage:

  • Roseville, California Freezer Storage Can Keep Your Food From Getting Spoiled

One of the main benefits of Roseville, California freezer storage is that it helps keep your food from getting spoiled. Keeping meat refrigerated through lockers can prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your food from developing unpleasant odors, colors, and textures.

The bacteria on food can grow best at environmental temperatures of 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Most Roseville, California freezer storage lockers have temperatures that are significantly lower than this range. While the meat is inside Roseville, California freezer storage, the bacteria is likely to grow extremely slowly or they may not even grow at all.

  • Roseville, California Freezer Storage Usually Has Customizable Sizes and Settings

Different types of food may require different settings and sizes. The good news is that Roseville, California freezer storage units come in different sizes and types to accommodate your particular need. Get in touch with your local butcher shop and ask about their different Roseville, California freezer storage unit types and sizes.

  • Roseville, California Freezer Storage Can Help You Free Up Space in Your Home

Not everyone has a big enough fridge that can house large amounts of meat. In these situations, the best course of action is to turn to a business that offers Roseville, California freezer storage.

Instead of stuffing everything into your refrigerator, you can choose to rent a storage locker for meat. With help from a Roseville, California freezer storage unit, you can preserve your meat while also freeing up space in your own home’s refrigerator.

  • Roseville, California Freezer Storage Has Backup Capabilities

For the added protection of your products, Roseville, California freezer storage lockers have great backup capabilities. In the event that a blackout causes your home to temporarily lose electricity, you won’t have to worry about your food getting spoiled if you keep them in a Roseville, California freezer storage unit.

  • Roseville, California Freezer Storage Can Help You Save Money

No one wants to waste money by throwing away food that have become spoiled. You can prevent this scenario from happening by storing your meat at a Roseville, California freezer storage locker. By keeping spoils to a minimum, you can save a lot of money.

Rent a Locker at Roseville Meat Company Today!

Do you need a place to store large amounts of meat? Turn to Roseville Meat Company for locker rental. We can keep large amounts of meat safe from bacterial growth. Contact us, and ask about our available lockers today! Click here to learn more about our storage lockers.

Roseville Meat Company: Your Local Meat and Seafood Market

Whether you’re in the mood for tender, flavorful steaks or marinated chicken breasts, you’re bound to find what you need at Roseville Meat Company, a family-owned meat market in Roseville, CA. We have an extensive line of premium meats that include beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and more. We also sell fresh, quality seafood products that are sure to whet the appetite.

For true meat and seafood connoisseurs, we offer fresh, tender, and perfectly processed options. Expect nothing less than the finest produce from the land and sea at our market!

What We Offer – A Wide Selection of Meat and Seafood Products

Spice up your grilling fare with the quality meats and seafood offered at Roseville Meat Company. Here’s a list of our available products:


Unleash your inner carnivore by devouring delicious beef steaks, roasts, and ribs. Once you start grilling or roasting our beef cuts, you’ll marvel at their incredible flavor and tenderness

We primarily sell U.S.D.A. Choice grade beef as well as some Prime grade beef. Bear in mind that not all items are available at all times, so please call us to inquire about product availability.


Whether you’re thinking of preparing a delicious turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner or cooking chicken wings for your family’s next meal, we have you covered. We sell only the highest quality domestic poultry available. At our market, you can find various poultry products, such as chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, goose, quail, and even rabbits!


Are you craving the flavors of the sea? We offer some of the finest seafood products available. Our market sells fish, crab, lobster, prawns, shrimp, catfish, scallops, and more. When you purchase our seafood, you can be sure that they’re fresh and never previously frozen.


If you want some delicious bacon for breakfast, pork chop for lunch, and ham for dinner, buy your meats at our market. Come to us, and find high-quality domestic pork products. From pork ribs to hog heads, we have them all!

Exotic Meats

Take your taste buds on a journey by trying different types of meat that you won’t usually find at your local butcher shop. Our market can be your go-to source for exotic, hard-to-find meats like buffalo, venison, wild boar, ostrich, and elk.

Other Meat Products

We also offer a variety of other meat products, including:

  • Lamb
  • Goat
  • Veal
  • Hotdogs and Sausages
  • Pet Food (Chicken, Turkey, Lamb Trim, Venison, and Beef)
  • Meatballs
  • Smoked Pig Ears
  • Dog Bones (Knuckles, Marrow, Lamb, and Veal)
  • And More!

What We Do – Providing Efficient Meat and Seafood Processing Services

In addition to selling quality meat and seafood products, we also offer processing services. Through our proven processes, we can help improve the taste of your meats and seafood while also extending their shelf life.

Custom Processing

As meat experts, we know where to cut the meat and how to best package it. Using the safest and cleanest procedures, we can process choice cuts from hogs, lambs, goats, cows, and fish

Additionally, we can do custom fish smoking. If you have your own recipe, bring us your salmon, halibut, or other fish, and we’ll smoke it for you!

Wild Game Processing

If you have wild game that needs to be processed, come to us. You can trust us to process your deer, elk, hogs, lambs, and goats to the highest standards.

All of our orders are tagged and processed individually, and we keep the final products in vacuum-sealed, freezer-safe packaging. Prices for our processing services will depend on the animal.

Locker Rentals

Are you looking for a space to store your food products and keep them refrigerated? You can rent one of our available lockers, which come in three different sizes (200 lbs, 700 lbs, and 1,000 lbs).

Visit Our Market Today!

When it comes to providing and processing meat, Roseville Meat Company is the reliable choice. Our vast selection of meat and seafood products gives you plenty of possibilities for meals. For more information about what we offer, contact us at 916-782-2705.