We are now accepting orders for Thanksgiving!  Branigan Turkeys, fresh, all natural, and anti-biotic and hormone free – $4.29/lb. or Zacky Turkeys, fresh and all natural – $2.69/lb.  Last day to order is 11-17-17. We recommend 1lb. per person.

Bone-In Breasts: (4-8#) $4.49
Bone-In Breasts: (8-10#) $5.29/lb.
Bone-In Breasts: (10-14#) $5.59/lb.
Boneless Breasts: (3-8#) $ 6.99/lb.
Smoked Whole Turkeys: $6.49/lb.
Smoked Breast (Boneless): $10.99/lb. or Bone-In: $7.99/lb.


A Chicken Stuffed Into a Duck, Stuffed Into a Turkey

Small Breast-Plain: $9.29
Small Breast-Seasoned: $9.79
Large Breast-Plain: $9.29
Large Breast-Seasoned: $9.79
Medium Whole-Plain: $7.99
Medium Whole-Seasoned: $8.49
Large Whole-Plain: $7.99
Large Whole-Seasoned: $8.49

Read More about Turduckens

Prime Rib Roast

Cradled (1-7 Ribs) (2 people per rib)

USDA Choice         

Plain – $14.99/lb.
Seasoned – $15.49/lb.

USDA Prime           

Plain – $17.69/lb.
Seasoned – $18.19/lb.

Boneless (1/2lb per person)

USDA Choice       

Plain – $16.79/lb.
Seasoned – $17.29/lb.

USDA Prime           

Plain – $19.99/lb.
Seasoned – $20.49/lb.

Crowned Pork Roast

Circled or “Military Style” (1-2 ribs per person)

Plain – $6.99/lb.
Seasoned – $7.49/lb.

Seasoning is either Lemon-Pepper or Cow Camp, a garlic pepper blend

Superior Farms American Lamb

Leg of Lamb: Whole, Bone-In $8.49 /lb.
Leg of Lamb: Boneless, Plain $10.99/lb.
Leg of Lamb: Boneless, Seasoned $11.49 /lb.
Frenched Rack of Lamb: $18.99 /lb.

All Prime Rib, Crown Pork Roasts, and Lamb Roasts are Fresh and Cut to Order
Cooking Instructions Provided


Boneless Honey Hams

Whole: $6.59/lb.
Half or Qtr: $6.99/lb.
Sliced: $7.59/lb.

Fresh Leg of Pork        

Whole: $3.29/lb.
Boneless: $3.99/lb.
Half Boneless: $3.99/lb.
Add Skin: $4.19/lb.

David Henry Bone-In Hams     

Half: $4.59/lb.
Whole: $4.59/lb.


Spiral Sliced: $4.19/lb.

Filet Roasts

Choice or Prime Grade (1/2lb per person recommended)

Choice: $20.79/lb.
Seasoned: $22.59/lb.
Prime: $28.99/lb.
Seasoned: $29.29/lb.

*Roasts can be made from 2 to 5 lbs.


Geese: $7.29/lb.
Ducks – Whole: $5.69/lb.
Duck Breasts, Boneless: $11.99/lb.
Pheasants: $8.99/lb.
Quail: $7.79/lb.

*Poultry is only available frozen

Lobster Tails

Sizes Range from 8 oz. to 24 oz. – $25.99/lb. to $33.99/lb.

*Prices Are Valid through Thanksgiving and ARE Subject to Change Without Notice