Easter is fast approaching!  We offer our own smoked, bone-in hams ($5.99/lb.), boneless honey hams ($7.99/lb. to $8.99/lb.), fresh California lamb – legs ($8.99/lb. bone-in, $11.99/lb. to $12.49/lb. boneless)  frenched racks ($20.99/lb.), and more.  Prime Rib Roasts are always a holiday favorite, USDA Choice – $15.99/lb. plain or $16.49/lb. seasoned.  Prices are good through April 3rd (we are closed Easter Sunday).

UP NEXT!  April is the 75th anniversary of this store!  It started out as “Roseville Frozen Food Bank” in 1946 , the word Bank was dropped in the 1980’s, and ultimately changed to “Roseville Meat Company” in the 1990’s.  It was built by a Mr. Ron Newell in 1946, subsequently owned by Emmett and Dorthea Gabbett in 1966, and then purchased by Harry & Joan McKinley in 1977.  Today it is owned by David & Joyce Henry, Harry & Joan’s daughter and son-in-law.  We have some 75th anniversary specials – 12 oz.  Choice New Yorks – $7.50 each (limit 4); 8 – 8 oz. Choice Filets – $75.00 (limit 1 bag per day); 6 – 6 oz. Choice Filets PLUS 12 pieces of Maui chicken – $75.00.  Prices are good from April 5th to April 11th.  Call if you have any questions.